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CleanPro Restoration for Fire, Water, Mold Damage




Fire Damage

Water Damage

Mold & Clean Up


 CleanPro Provides

  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Free Home Inspections
  • Direct billing to your Insurance Company so that you pay no out of pocket costs
  • Free Thermal Imaging Inspection
  • We work for you, not your insurance company
  • It's your duty after a loss to mitigate the damage. We know how to properly mitigate and document the damage so your claim is successful

BEFORE you call your insurance company...


(305) 282-8418

(561) 463-0703

CleanPro Restoration is an IICRC Licensed, Trained and Certified mitigation and restoration company. CleanPro operates 24/7 to serve you at any time that disaster strikes. We guarantee that we will respond to your emergency within one hour of your call, and are ready to assist you with all of your needs after a loss. Our team of highly trained and professional technicians understand the hardships you face when a disaster strikes. We work quickly and around the clock to get your home or business back on it's feet.

Let's face it, disasters happen and they come in all forms. Fire is one of the most destructive forces of nature and can compromise a building's integrity. It's important to have trusted professionals assessing and repairing the damage to prevent any further mishaps. Likewise , a simple water drip can cripple a buildings foundation if not handled quickly and properly. Worst off, it's a  gateway to mold, algae, fungus, and even bacteria which are harmful to the health of our families. Get the right protection!


CleanPro Restoration Van Ready to Service South Florida home and business owners.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Free Home Inspection
  • Insurance policies require you to mitigate the damage BEFORE your insurance company is called. If you don't know how to properly document and contain the damage according to the insurance companies' standards, your claim may be denied. From the moment you call CleanPro we handle all the documentation and equipment needed in order to submit a successful claim to your insurance company and restore your home
  • We bill directly to your insurance company so that you pay no out of pocket costs for our mitigation services
  • Our company provides top of the line equipment and the newest technology to make your home safe and habitable as quickly as possible
  • Free Thermal Imaging Inspection! The worst kind of water is the kind you can't see. CleanPro Restoration uses Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) cameras to detect water intrusion not visible to the human eye.

Who We Are

How We Help


Fire damage can be devastating and can destroy everything you hold dear in the blink of an eye. We have the equipment and knowledge to help you restore your home.


When your house is underwater, let us be your life jacket! We will dry, dehumidify, deodorize, complete damage restoration to your home and more.


We have the training and equipment needed to rid your home or business of mold, algae, fungus, and bacteria.


Biohazard cleanup can be both dangerous and harmful to your health. Don't take the risk, let the professionals at CleanPro safely decontaminate your home or office.

What We Do

Our company is licensed and insured and has obtained the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is a certification and Standards Developing Organization (SDO) non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. In partnership with regional and international trade associates, the IICRC serves more than 25 countries with offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Restoration Sciences Academy (RSA)

Our licensed and certified technicians studied vigorously under the trusted Restoration Sciences Academy (RSA).

The techniques and coursework we've acquired for Water, Fire, and Mold restorations allows us to effectively and efficiently resolve any disaster no matter how devastating it is.

Certified Technicians

IICRC - Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
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